Q: Why should I join a dating site with so many social media sites available?

A: People on dating sites are specifically there because they are trying to find someone to date. Many times, people are annoyed when contacted on social media sites for dating.

Q. Why should I pay to join a dating site?

A: People who pay to join dating sites are more serious and committed about finding someone.

Q: I am new to internet dating why should I post a photo of myself?

A: It’s a fact that 95% of people will not respond or communicate if there is no photo of member.

Q: Are people who join dating sites just desperate to find someone?

A: That stigma and perception has faded away since 2004. Now over 40 million people date online.

Q: Why should I join a dating site I can be referred by friends or relatives to meet someone?

A: The pool of dates through friends or relatives gets smaller as you get older. Dating online gives you a wide range of potential dates.

Q: What are things people may be dishonest about on dating sites?

A: Weight, height, and income.

Q: Should I be concerned about other members seeing my email or instant messing?

A: No, you have complete privacy and can exchange emails or instant messaging with no worries.

Q: If I send someone an email and I get no response what does it mean?

A: They are not an active member and can’t respond, they are not interested or they just started seeing someone.

Q: Why should I join a dating site when I can meet someone at a club or event?

A: Convenience: For busy people prospecting is 24/7 days a week.

Q: Why should I pay membership fee to join a dating site?

A: Low cost: Online dating membership cost you last than a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or movie date.

Q: I am just a bit shy with dating so what advantage is online dating?

A: Online dating eliminates the awkwardness.